Sunday 27 May 2012

Employee motivation and appraisal programs

Introducing motivation programs in an organization can bring out the better performance of your employees. In most of the organizations, managers take the responsibility of motivating employees or subordinates. Increasing employee productivity, better outputs at less time and at low labour costs are some of the major benefits of motivating employees. 

The percentage of mistakes in work can be reduced through motivating because employee will have more concentration on the tasks. Increasing co-ordination among team members and reducing clashes between employees can also be done through motivation and proper communication. 

Motivational factors in small and medium sized businesses:
  • Attractive wages or salaries
  • Ensuring job security
  • Providing special incentives based on the work
  • Treating the subordinates with respect
  • Different allowance like medical claims, house rents, traveling allowances and many other.
  • Flexible working options
  • Recognizing and appreciating the employee’s work
  • Encouraging to learn new technologies or procedures
  • Offering promotions based on performance
  • Manager’s helping attitude towards employees. 

The above mentioned motivational factors can create good relationship between management and employees. Managers conduct an appraisal program quarterly or yearly to assess the individual staff performance. Rewards or incentives must be provided based on employee performance. Loyalty of employee towards organization is another added advantage from these reward programs.

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