Friday 11 May 2012

My Blogging Experience - A to Z of Blogging

I would like to share my blogging experience with all the readers out there. Hope my experience and tips can help in improving your blog. Don't trust the shortcuts like Buy traffic to your site, Get approval from AdSense in just one week, Buy AdSense accounts and Receive 1000 page views in just one day or a hour. In my view all these things are rubbish, only good content can help you in getting good amount traffic and approval from ad networks. Successful blogging is not an easy thing, you have to be patient and act smart according to the changing trends.

Understand and follow these few questions for comfortable blogging

1. How to create a blog or website
You can create a blog for free using blogger or word press, click here to find How to create a blog . You can go for for getting a paid domain (website) for you. Choose a URL which is catchy and suits to your blog content.

2. How to write good content and post it
Choosing a good topic to write is one of the important task to be performed very carefully. The article or post must be optimized with keywords. Make use of  Google keyword tool while choosing and writing the topic. You can obtain best results if you choose keywords with low competition.

Never copy or reproduce content from other blogs or websites, use your own ideas to produce the content. Always concentrate on quality of content rather than quantity of content. You must be able to post articles at least thrice a week and try to write 400 to 600 words in an article. Before posting the content check for grammar, spelling and sentence mistakes.

3. How to increase traffic to your blog or website    
Today you can find thousands of articles on a single topic, so where do your article stands in this competition.? Only good content is not enough to be recognized by the world, you must market your website and articles. Submitting your site to search engines and related directories, using social networking sites, creating quality back links are some of the ways to market your blog.
  • Submit your website or blog to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Alta vista, AOL, Ask etc. Check this related article to find How to submit blog to Google, Yahoo and Bing - Click Here
  • Use social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. to bring some readers to your blog. Provide sharing buttons to the readers so that they can post it on their profiles (More number of readers..!!).
  • Submit your links to social news websites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit etc. (Personally i love Digg and StumbleUpon). You just have to register and submit your links to the site.
  • Try to comment on other blogs, if you are one of the top commentators in their site then they will provide a back link to your blog.
Make use of Google webmaster tool and Google analytic to submit your blog sitemaps and to estimate your blog performance. In first month you may receive just 10 to 20 unique visitors a day, Don't worry... you can improve that gradually. You can get 100 to 200 unique visitors a day after 6 months (off-course it totally depends on your articles quality and marketing abilities).

4. How to get approval from Adsense 
Don't apply for adsense account immediately after creating a blog or website. Wait for at least 6 months to popularize your blog. If you got rejected from Adsense more than three times then next time they may consider you as a spammer or they may neglect your application fourth time. So be careful, before applying to Adsense make sure you have fulfilled all the requirements like good number of posts, unique content,  good amount of traffic and back links. Adsense never accepts adult sites, copied content sites, spammers etc. so don't dare to apply if you have unacceptable content in your blog.

Many SEO experts says that number of posts must be directly proportional to amount of traffic to your blog, so don't post too many article without any traffic. Make sure that you have at least 30 to 40 articles in your blog and 200 to 300 unique visitors a day before applying for Adsense account. Try your luck...!!!

There are various alternatives to Adsense like infolinks, Adbrite, Kontera, Chitika etc. According to my knowledge Adsense is the best and trusted ad network, but it is not easy to get approval from it. At times, you can also use Infolinks, it generates text ad links in your content.

Please post a comment for any suggestion, appreciation, doubts and better services.

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