Thursday 19 April 2012

Agni 5 will be a major milestone for India

April 19th 2012
The dream missile of Indian Scientists " Agni-5 " launched successfully today. Agni-5 can aim up to 5000kms and it can be included in Indian army force after completing all the testing formalities. Indian prime minister Mr. Manmohan Singh and defense Minister Mr. Antony congratulated all the scientists on successful launch of the missile.

Antony adds " The nation stands tall today.  We have joined the elite club of nation. All the parameters of mission achieved successfully and it is a major milestone in history of Indian missile research and development program."

Agni - 5 missile Launch
Initially launch was planned on April 18th 2012, but due to bad weather conditions and safety reason DRDO postponed it to 19th April.  Scientists launched Agni -5 from Odisha at 8:07 in the morning, it reached the target (southern Indian ocean) after 15 minutes.

"Salute to all the Indian Scientists. Stand together to honor our scientific community"

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