Monday 2 April 2012

Assignment on Motorola or Dissertation topics on Motorola

Motorola is a renowned company in electronics field which is providing mobiles, semi-conductors, wireless technologies and microchips to user all over the globe. In 2011, Motorola is divided as two different companies- "Motorola Solutions" and "Motorola Mobility". Important topic on Motorola are listed below, click on the topics to see detailed description of each topic.

  1. Marketing Mix of Motorola - 7P's 
  2. SWOT Analysis for Motorola 
  3. SLEPT or PEST Analysis of Motorola Or External influence while promoting a Motorola product 
  4. Market Segmentation of Motorola 
  5. Motorola Branding and Its advantages 
  6. Boston Matrix for Motorola 
  7. ANSOFF Matrix for Motorola

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