Monday 30 April 2012

Training and Development programs at Tesco

Tesco employed people from different backgrounds and cultures so it can be expected that staff can have different behaviors, skills, knowledge and talents. Thus, training for employees is necessary for executing a particular task related to organization. Both organizations and employees can be benefited through training and development programs. On-the-job and off-the-job are the two training methods used by Tesco to train their employees. Providing coaching from experts and mentoring the employees regularly are the two basic processes occur in on-the-job training. Off-the-job training helps in developing individual skills of an employee, in the sense this training can generate new team leaders to organization.  Business objectives and goals can be injected to the employees through this training. In Tesco, Employee abilities and skills were improved by various development programs; both managers and trainees take part in these development programs.

Roles of Trainee in development program are:
  • Recognizing and agreeing need of development
  • Attending various workshops and conferences held by organizations.
  • Use the feedback from managers to improve performance
Roles of manager in development program are:
  • Building a new personal development plan
  • Guiding and training employees according to requirement
  • Regular performance reviews and providing feedback to the trainees
Benefits of training and development are:
  • Employees can be more productive, skilled, organized and flexible.
  • Staff can get an opportunity to learn about new methods or technologies.
  • Decision making ability of staff can be improved so that new leaders can be evolved.
  • Increased motivation and job satisfaction for employee.
  • Organizations can reach their business objectives and can serve the customers more effectively


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