Friday 10 February 2012

Marketing Mix of Motorola - 7P's of Marketing

Creating an appropriate marketing mix is the important process to be concentrated in marketing.  Right product for right customer at right place is the main motive for creating marketing mix.
Figure: Shows 7ps of Marketing Mix

7ps of Marketing Mix for Motorola Company:

Product- Considering the demand in market is one of the good practices for a company. The major products of Motorola Company are
  • Mobile phones, to connect with the world
  • Equipments for connecting different technologies in a network
  • Broadband services
  • Video phones as well as cable TV
  • Providing best communication solutions to different kinds of businesses.
Out of all these products and services offered by Motorola, Mobile phones are familiar all over the world. Motorola included many attractive features and modified designs timely in order to draw the attention of customers.

Price- Price of a product must be decided based on the Product Life Cycle. Products or services which are highly technological and advanced can be released into market at premium prices where as the other products can be offered at low prices in order to attract most of the customers in market. Initially, Motorola provided the products at high prices in order to attain their research and development costs. During growth stage, the prices are decreased gradually according to the increase in sales. In maturity stage, sales were increased by introducing promotional offers.

Place- This refers to how the actual product reaches to customer and where the product can be sold. Products must be available in every possible location so that customers can access them very easily and quickly. Manufacturer distributes the products through different mediums like physical and online. In case of Motorola, it distributed the products like phones, network equipments through network providers and independent retailers.

Promotion- Promoting a product can be categorized as ‘above-the-line’ promotion and ‘below-the-line’ promotion. Advertising the product through media like TV or Paper can be termed as ‘above-the-line’ promotion where as providing discounts and special offers on products can be referred as ‘below-the-line’ promotion. Motorola used both the promoting techniques in order to reach maximum number of customers. Product life cycle influenced this promotional activity- While launching new product, Motorola done wide-ranging promotions where as during growth stage promotions were decreased.

People- This marketing factor refers to all the employees who are working in Motorola organizations. Staff or employees play vital role in maintaining healthy customer relationships. Employees who involved in product development, promotions, sales and customer services are the few important personnel in case of Motorola.

Process- This factor mostly refers to the services offered by an organization. In order to deliver quality of services to the end user, Motorola introduced various new procedures. For example, procedures to identify needs of customers and processes to handle complaints from end users.

Physical evidence- In earlier days, the outlook of the company i,e. factory appearance doesn’t matter to the end user, but in today’s conditions physical layout is also playing a crucial role. Motorola reached today’s customers by making changes to their physical layouts according to changing environments.


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