Monday 20 February 2012

SWOT Analysis of Tesco

"SWOT analysis is used to evaluate Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of an organization"

  • High brand value- Tesco has strong brand name in UK market, so other parts of the world also believed in Tesco brands initially. Quality products and using new ways to create great shopping experience for customers helped them in increasing brand value.
  • Tesco online process- Tesco offers online services to their customers and it is one of the best ways to generate revenues. 
  • Leader in UK market- Tesco is recognized as the best grocery items retailer in UK markets.
  • Raising market shares- Gradually Tesco marketing shares are improving all over the world.
  • Complete dependence on UK market is one of their major weaknesses for Tesco.
  • Serial acquisitions and debt reduction
  • Concentrating more on non-food retailing
  • Growing as skincare retailer (Health and beauty)
  • Focusing on international growth
  • Strong competitors in market such as Wal-mart or Asda
  • Expanding its business to the international level could be very expensive.
  • Overseas profits may fall
  • Price war between UK retailers

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