Friday 10 February 2012

Web services architecture - Internal and External

Providing web services means exposing all their internal operations and features to the clients through web, while providing the web services a standard architecture will be followed. Basically web services architecture can be categorized as:
  • Internal web services architecture
  • External web services architecture
Various web technologies which can handle these internal as well as external architectures separately are available and in the real time these two architectures has to work together for providing effective web services to the clients.
Internal web services architecture: Providing web services within a domain or organization through using middleware can be expressed as internal web services. As this architecture doesn’t allow any other client or domain to use the services it is known as behind-the-firewall web services. For example consider an organization which sells product to the customers in market, if the person at help-desk wants to access information of a customer completely then internal web services has to be utilized. This kind of internal architecture will help in combining customer information available in different parts of the organization. Purchasing date, cost, payments, service and warranty details of purchased product can be viewed on single screen if internal web services are used effectively. Internal web services architecture uses conventional middleware for using internal services. 
Figure: Shows internal web services architecture
From the above internal web services architecture it can be noted that, exchanging or sharing of information will be done between various users within in a company. 

External architecture of web services: The external web services architecture allows outsiders or other clients to access the services. In order to get access to particular web service, the client has to send a request to the provider in return provider will accept the request and offers requested services. The process of external web services is provided below:
Figure: Shows external architecture of Web services
The above depicted figure clearly explains how web service can be obtained from the service provider. Here the company A is service requester, company B is service provider and company C is the directory which contains the information of all available web services. All the web service providers have to publish the information about services offered by them. The clients refer to the service availability directory in order to find providers.  After choosing a service provider Company A and company B interact with each other to exchange information or to obtain web service. Thus the basic process to be followed for attaining web service is publishing, finding and interacting.

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