Monday 26 March 2012

ANSOFF Matrix For Motorola

The opportunities available to an organization in terms of product and market can be analyzed through this Ansoff matrix tool.

The corporate growth opportunities for Motorola identified using Ansoff's Matrix tool four factors- 
"Market Penetration- Penetrating the market with existing products and customers.
 Product Development - Developing new product for existing customers.
 Market Development - Attracting new customers for existing products
 Diversification - Developing new product to attract new customer."

 These four factors depicted in the following figure:

 Figure Shows ANSOFF matrix

Initially Motorola released car batteries into market, later it entered into mobile phones and network equipment markets. Motorola developed various new products and penetrated the markets successfully. These market penetrations created good market share for Motorola.

Thus, according to this tool, growth of a business depends on whether it markets an existing or new product in existing or new market.

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