Friday 2 March 2012

Motorola Branding and its advantages

Branding is essential in order create recognition for a product or company in market. Creating logos, names, designing features and symbols are also the part of branding. Branding has great impact on customer, for example, if trader shows two identical products one is branded and other is unbranded then customer tend to buy branded product as branding creates the image of quality and reliability.

Motorola has a very strong brand name in global market since it was introduced. Even though Nokia, Samsung and other electronic firms in the market has better brand name, Motorola is still holding its position by using intensive branding strategies. “Intelligence Everywhere” is the new Motorola brand promise phrase, which is unifying the marketing efforts.

The branding strategies available today are: Generic, individual and family, out of these three Motorola is using family branding as it can popularize all their products under the same brand name.

The major advantage gained by Motorola due to family branding is, promotion of one product profited other Motorola products. Loyalty, reorganization, image of quality, competitive advantage and image of reliability are some of the prime benefits gained by Motorola due to branding their products.

Today Motorola brand name and its logo are very popular in cellular phones and network equipment market. Because of branding, Motorola increased its sales and it resulted in more profits for company. Thus, branding also played a crucial role in the success of Motorola products as it added value to the product in terms of quality, price, and reliability.

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