Thursday 8 March 2012

SWOT Analysis of Motorola

  • Reacting to the situations and challenges very quickly
  • Zeal to lead the world of electronics by launching innovative designs and various novel technologies.
  • Motorola existed as strong competitor in the market because of having strong alliance, acquisitions and mergers. 
  • An out-dated management style of Motorola is one of the weaknesses as it can effect important decisions related to company operations. 
  • Quality of the product is not up to the mark when compared to its competitors. 
  • Customer service is one of the biggest weaknesses, many complaints registered saying that “executives doesn’t react after the sale”. 
  • New ventures, business partners and alliances can increase the dealings of Motorola.
  • Introducing new product categories into market can make Motorola more competitive.
  • All other competitors like Nokia, Samsung are providing high quality products at low prices.
  • Network equipments (semi-conductor) business is gradually decreasing from past few years.

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