Wednesday 14 March 2012

SLEPT or PEST Analysis of Motorola Or External influences while promoting Motorola products

While endorsing any product in market various internal and external factors can influence the organization rigorously. A SLEPT and PEST analysis is carried out in order to identify the external factors such as Social, Legal, Economic, Political and Technological that are effecting Motorola organization when promoting a product into industry. 

Social - This factor includes local customer preferences, life styles and all demographic aspects. Motorola grabbed the market shares by understanding social changes time to time. Thus, consumer behavior must be considered while promoting a product in local markets.  

Legal - Consumer safety, health and employment law are some of the legal aspect to be considered before promoting the product. As Motorola is providing cellular phones it is very important to ensure the product safety. 
Economic - This external factor showed great impact on Motorola business growth as it included the interest and trade rates. Some times the price of products may also depend on this factor. Motorola accelerated the sales in various countries (particularly in developing countries) by promoting products which suits to local needs and by taking advantage of local interest rates. For example, Motorola released very low cost mobile phone in Indian rural areas as Indian government offered low interest and trade rates there by increased its sales tremendously. 

Political - Any government around the world lists the laws, rules and regulations to be followed by organizations. Some governments also specify- which product can be promoted in the local markets and which can not be promoted. Motorola always followed the local government policies, tax procedures and employment law in order to avoid political problems for the organization. 

Technological - New technologies and innovations in the market brought revolutionary changes to products and services. These technological changes resulted in easy communication, cost reduction, and better services. Motorola modified its designs, features and specifications for catching up the standard technologies using today. For example, recently Motorola introduced first true Android tablet and most powerful smart phones with 4G connections to capture today’s market shares. 

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